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View to Falasarna beach, crystal-clear waters

7 Reasons to visit

It can be challenging when it comes to deciding which Greek island to visit. With more than 200 inhabited islands, the options are vast.

Although we´ve been to other Greek islands before, Crete now ranks high on our list.
And these are some of the reasons why.
  • 1- Arrivals & Departures

    Crete is the biggest Greek island and one of the most visited. That means you can fly directly from different European cities. Either flying to Heraklion or Chania airports will give you the chance to explore different parts of the island.

  • 2 - History

    Crete is known for its remarkable history.
    Minoans are said to be one of the first European civilizations, which inhabited the island from 3.000 B.C.

    It was well worth checking Knossos Palace and the Heraklion Archaeological Museum to learn how this society was structured and functioned.
    It got me thinking how history could´ve been different if subsequent civilizations had followed a similar path.

    Me in Knossos Palace taking picture of Lily Prince Red columns of Knossos Palace
  • 3 - Beaches

    The island is also known for its beautiful beaches with diverse topography. That means you can never get bored here as the ones we explored for instance, were all different from each other.

    Falasarna beach is impressive for its crystal-clear waters, Elafonisi stands out for its pink sand and small pools and Agia Roumeli differentiates from many with black pebbles on the shoreline.

    We´ve been to many awesome beaches around the world, but some here really impressed us for their stunning beauty!

    Elafonisi beach Me standing next to the shoreline on Elafonisi Beach to show the pink sand
    Agia Roumeli beach Agia Roumeli beach and seabeds
    Falasarna beach View from the top to Falasarna beach and Parasols
  • 4 - Chania

    If your dream of a perfect Greek island includes a small town to unwind and stroll along narrow lanes, Chania won't let you down.
    This charming town has several dining options with character and a chilled vibe and watching the sunset from the Venetian harbour is a must.

    View to Venetian harbor, boat and sunset

    We felt Chania is one of those places you end up wishing to linger for days or weeks, just to chill out.

    For Ladies, shopping here is a must. There´s a good selection of textiles and jewellery with Opal stones & Greek design. I couldn´t resist.

    Narrow alleway in Chania with Bougainvillea flowers
  • 5- Nature

    Apart from its beaches, Crete has plenty to offer for nature lovers as caves and gorges are also part of the landscape.
    We were thrilled to have completed the most famous one, Samaria Gorge (18 km long) – although I complained about my calves for the next two days.

    Al walking on a small brigde along the river that cuts through the gorge View to SaMaria Gorge first hour
    Tips: if you come here, make sure you bring swimming costumes as the walk ends at Agia Roumeli beach.
    Also, we forgot our flip-flops and walking to the sea, stepping on the hot black pebbles felt nearly as challenging as the walk.

    You´ll test your calves and knees here too – believe me. We weren´t convinced about wearing hiking boots until we did this walk.
    For more info about Samaria Gorge check this website
  • 6- Greek people

    The service and friendly people we encountered everywhere we went in Crete made us feel at home.
    We believe that feeling welcome in the host country is essential and plays great part in the whole experience when travelling.

    Despite visiting here during Covid-19 we found that Greeks had a Get-on-with-it attitude without loosing their grace and friendliness.

    Don't speak a word in Greek? Not to worry, Greeks in general speak very good English. 👄

    Greek man smiling at the camera and three elderly looking at him.
  • 7- To Repeat

    Our personal thought: we want to come back to Crete as we left willing to explore more of the island.

    Having said that, this takes us to some cons of visiting here: for an avid explorer with few days on hand, Crete might be an ambitious option as the island is big and possibilities countless. We stayed for 7 days and still felt there was so much left to see and do.

    For budget travellers, also consider the expenses you'll incur to move about and explore. Buses from Chania to some beaches, costs around €15 each way and car rental starts from €40/day - fully insured.

    Cat sleeping under the shade of cotton bags from Chania
    View to Elafonisi beach and the shoreline with pink sand Four men sitting on a bench watching the sunset from the harbour

    Other than that, Crete for us was a way to make the most of what Greece has to offer: beautiful scenery, history, great food & friendly people. And we can´t wait to visit again.