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Patacona beach people hanging out and drinking

What to do in
Valencia this summer?

Ah Valencia! The place we´ve called home since we left our countries.
There is something interesting going on every season but after a long lockdown this year, we want to make the most of the Summer (in the open air!) in places that are always top of our list.

Our tips here are more off the beaten track and go beyond just visiting The City of Science, the Old town and Malvarosa beach. ¡Síguenos!
  • Chiringuitos, sí!

    The beach is our starting point.
    Some people complain that Malvarosa can get too packed and some restaurants are a bit pricey. If you share that same opinion, head towards Patacona beach. Just next to Valencia and part of Alboraya town, this place has more to offer; better restaurants and beach bars (chiringuitos)!

    Chiringuitos if you´re not familiar with them are beach bars offering drinks, snacks, chilled music and sunbeds for rental.
    What else could we ask for?
    This is a way of life in Summer to unwind & enjoy some dolce far niente.

    Patasur chiringuito Patacona beach Chiringo beach bar Patacona beach
    Chiringuito La Mas Bonita Patacona

    There are 6 beach bars in total starting from the South with La Más Bonita. Patasur comes third but our favourite is the new one called Chiringo (old La Bartola). Apart from drinks and snacks, the service here is friendly and one thing that I also noticed is better: the toilet. Ha!

    Now, here is the trick if you want to save some cash renting a Parasol and 2 sunbeds: after the Chiringuito la Mas Bonita (which costs 24 euros), the rental gets cheaper to 16 euros at all the rest.
    You can call beforehand and book yours until 12pm.
    It can easily get fully booked at weekends!

    Sunbeds on Patacona beach
    Location (Chiringo):
  • Jardin de Monforte

    This park is a hidden gem that many people don’t know about. Quieter and smaller than its neighbour Viveros park, this neoclassical garden has a good variety of plants and flowers. Instagramers love taking shots here and when you see its beauty, you´ll understand why many brides to be and Falleras come here to have their pictures taken.

    Parque Monfort Valencia
    Parque Monfort Valencia Parque Monfort Valencia

    If you want to escape the crowds this place is well worth a visit for its serenity. When we first visited with some friends, I couldn’t believe we had such a lovely park so close to our home.

    Opening times: Spring / Summer: 10:30 - 20:00
    Autumn / Winter: 10:30 - 18:00

  • Take away, really?

    We´re not huge fans of take away but the food from La Salsa, is a different story. Having food to take away (Comida para llevar) is very common in Valencia and for us, this is the best place in town.

    La Salsa serves food to take away and as most of the dishes are typical from Spain, you can expect to see paellas, spanish stews, ensaladilla rusa and more! The food here is tasty, well priced and you also have the option to bring your own container. I always have a chat with Michael or Vicente and come back for more because the quality never disappoints.

    La Salsa comida para llevar (food to take away)
    TIP: You can bring your own reusable container, to avoid single use plastic.
  • Montanejos

    Montanejos is only 90km from Valencia and is one of the top things to do in Summer. This place has an impressive canyon where the river Mijares cuts through. People come here to bath in the thermal waters which have a temperature of 25°C all year round (when it´s winter it doesn´t feel like it) and it´s said to do wonders for your skin.

    The canyon creates an impressive setting and I loved watching the fish swimming around in the crystal-clear waters.

    Montanejos Valencia

    Both times, we went with Danny from ValtourNative. If you want to have an insightful visit without any hassle with logistics, this is probably your best choice. Not to mention Danny himself has an interesting life story.

    Dam of Arenoso and us

    TIP: If you decide to go by car, try to avoid weekends as it gets really busy and you can park outside the complex to have better chance for a parking space.

  • Cycling south of city

    Cycling in Valencia is generally easy because of its well-maintained and flat cycle lanes.
    When we want to avoid the crowds on Malvarosa or Patacona beach, we go towards the south by the cycle lanes and go down to El Saler or El Palmar.

    If you decide to explore this area, you´ll spot the new Turia river and can choose one of the beaches to spend the day or have a paella – as there are several restaurants dotted along the coast.

    If you ycling is not for you, then bus no. 25 will take you to the beach of your choice. There are also parking spaces and public showers available.

    El Saler: partly nudist, pebbles and dunes on the shoreline ElSaler_beach
    Pinedo: long stretch of white sand, view of the port Pinedo_beach
    L´Arbre del Gos: quiet, pebbly on the shoreline Arbre del Gos
  • Up for a meet up?

    Check Meetup for activities.
    If you want to get off the beaten track, check out the meet up group Excursiones de Valencia.

    Howard organises hikes and trips (reasonably priced) in the Valencian community and sometimes beyond. Although Howard is from Scotland, he´s fluent in Spanish and knows the area like a local.
    And it´s not because he´s our friend we make this suggestion here, his excursions explore the best parts the Valencian Community has to offer when it comes to hiking, nature and small villages.

    Meetup Hiking

  • Outdoor Cinema in the Turia

    It seems the organisers were debating whether to go forward with it or not because of Covid-19 so I did a little dance when the programme was out.
    Here you can watch old classics, European produced films or blockbusters. The cinema is set right in the middle of the Turia Park, the sitting is banked and the screen big enough to keep your gaze locked. You can also bring your own food and drinks. This is one of our top favourite things to do in Summer!

    Check the program here: Institut Valencià de Cultura.

    Filmoteca d´estiu Valencia Film Call me by your name
  • Bravas, bravisímas

    Bar & Kitchen is in a square (Mercado de Tapineria) set aside from the more touristy area in the Old town. A place with a relaxed atmosphere, agua de Valencia and Patatas Bravas.

    Bar & Kitchen restaurant in Mercado Tapineria

    If you think you know Patatas Bravas, try this place and you´ll never want to order them anywhere else. Bravisimas! One of those places I wish will never change.
    Share this tip only with your best friends.

  • Activities at BeachBol

    Beach Bol is the only Chiringuito on Malvarossa beach but it covers many of our summer wish list activities.
    You can opt to Book a court online or take part in the Actividades de Verano both for FREE!

    Don´t fancy Tai Chi, try Yoga. Want to dance but don´t speak Spanish? It doesn´t matter, here you can join any activity, follow the moves, and try something different next time. The vibe here is great and what I like the most is that it´s for everyone!

    BeachBol Malvarosa beach schedule activities

  • Cabanyal

    You can´t leave without visiting the Cabanyal neighbourhood.
    This barrio marinero is a must visit area for its charming and tiled façaded architecture. To make the most of it, a visit to the local market (Mercado Municipal del Cabanyal) can give you a glimpse into the lives of some locals and their produce.

    And if you want to finish your day here, Mercabanyal should be on your list too. This beer garden has food trucks, a chilled vibe and fashionable clientele.

    Monday to Weds: 5 pm to 12 am
    Fri & Sat: 5 pm to 1 am
    Sunday: 5 pm to 12 am

    Mercabanyal food trucks
    Cabanyal Architecture