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Hoian old town

7+ cool things
to do in Hoian

Hoi An is one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam and it’s no surprise. If you love small towns with a chilled vibe, this place could be well worth it! Hoi An, has a quirky architecture and its yellow buildings have a unique charm.

We particularly found the town pleasant at night as the lighting is warm everywhere, giving the town a relaxed & romantic atmosphere.
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    Have something tailor made

    Hoi An is known for its countless tailors. If you ever dreamt about having a dress or a suit made specially for you, here is where you can make that happen. It’s the number one activity not because it’s the most important but because is the first thing you should consider looking into, as tailors will generally give you 24 hours or more to finish your order and some extra time might be needed to make any alterations or repairs.

    Tailor in Hoian
    Tip: Bring clothes you want to be altered too; it can be a lot cheaper than having it done back home.
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    Have a brunch at
    Hoi An Central Market

    Central Markets are great to get an introduction to any town and Hoi An Central Market is no exception. Located in the old part of town, you can see lots of traditional Vietnamese dishes such as Cau Lau noodles, Banh Mi, Ban Xeo, you name it.
    After trying some food you can opt to bargain for some kitchen utensils and see what else they sell in terms of local produce; all fresh and bountiful.
    We went there for a brunch and I loved my Bánh Mí and Al had an authentic bowl of Cau Lau noodles.

    Hoian Central market
    Central Market:
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    Have a massage

    Hoi An is a city to chill out and if you need some help to relax, indulge yourself on a foot or body massage. There are several options in the old Town starting from 100.000VND.

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    Visit the Herb garden & relax at An Bang Beach

    If you go to Vietnam during the summer and find it hard to cope with the hot and humid days, the beach is the perfect place to go. An Bang beach is known for being quieter than some other beaches in town and it’s only about 3km from the old town. We decided to have lunch in one of the restaurants (The Deck House) and by doing so you get to use their sunbeds and umbrellas for free.

    It’s super easy to get there and if you go by bicycle or motorbike you can pop by a herb garden on the way. There is a good variety of salad leaves, herbs such as sweet basil and mint. It´s just opposite the Tra Que Culinary Village sign.

    Hoian herbgarden opposite to Tra Que Culinary Village
    Herb garden:
    An Bang beach:
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    Walk in the Old quarter or
    have a coffee along the river?

    On a hot and sticky morning, I went for a walk in the old Town to visit some of the historical buildings such as the Japanese Bridge and the Tan Ky house which belonged to a Japanese family of merchants in the 18th century. The fee for visiting these and other places of interest is 120.000 VND.
    Meanwhile, Al decided to have a drink at Công caphe along the river and soak in the vibe. Who made the best decision? It’s hard to say.

    Japanese bridge Hoian Cong Caphe Hoian
    Hoian along the river
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    Visit the Marble Mountains

    Located about 10km from Hoi An, Marble Mountains is a cluster of 5 mountains named after five elements of nature in Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy: water, metal, fire, wood and earth. There you can also explore caves, temples, pagodas and great views of Da Nang city. There are also stores selling products made of marble, an abundant natural resource available in the area.

    Tip: Having access to the map of the area will help you to make sure you covered all points of interest. On rainy days, a rain jacket and some comfortable shoes will be useful as the paths get slippery.

    Marble mountains Danang
    Marble Mountains:
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    Have a Bánh mì at Madam Khanh
    The Bánh Mí Queen

    Bánh mì is a snack which expresses the influence the French had on Vietnam and vice versa. Crusty French baguette with meat, pate, cucumber and carrots salad, eggs, the options are countless. Vegetarian options can also be available on the menu.
    Although, Bánh mì Phuong was acclaimed to be the best place in town according to the famous chef Anthony Bourdain, we compared and decided that the one from Madam Khanh is more flavoursome. Not to mention you´ll probably manage to skip the big queues in the former place.

    Banhmi madam Khanh
    Banhmi phuong hoian
    Madam Khanh:

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