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Koh Pha Ngan Haad Yao beach

Northwest Koh PhaNgan
what to expect

Koh Phangan was known for the Full Moon parties where thousands of people visited the island to join this celebration each month.
If these parties will come to an end after Covid-19, it´s still early to say. If you´re looking where to stay, here we cover the main beaches of Northwest Koh Phangan. Known as the best area to both chill out on beautiful beaches and have some fun.

The only way to explore the whole island is to get Songthaews taxis or rent a scooter. Although we used both, choosing the right beach to stay can help reduce your need for transport as the roads are quite hilly and taxis on the island can be a bit pricey too.
  • SriThanu Beach

    Coming from Thong Sala Pier, this is the first main beach in the northwest area. You can expect to find pretty much everything here. Bars, cafés, cheap Thai restaurants, clothes shops, Yoga retreats, fruit & veg shops and 7-Eleven (small grocery store).

    There are also some bungalows and houses for rental. This could be a good option for families looking for a tranquil beach with amenities on the doorstep. We went to this area a few times during our stay and the feeling I got was of being in a small village, as commerce seems to thrive during low and high season, with a few expats living in the area.
    The beach is nice but smaller compared to Haad Mae or Haad Yao for instance.

    Sri Thanu Beach Koh Pha Ngan Sri Thanu Beach Koh Pha Ngan
  • Secret Beach

    Also called Haad Son, this beach was put in as part of the resort built next to it.
    Now pay attention to this tip: There is a bar/restaurant on the headland of this bay, called Koh Raham.
    Even if you choose not to stay in this area I´d suggest visiting this place at least once, why? It´s a great spot for snorkelling and the restaurant itself is so cool!

    This is my favourite spot for snorkelling as it´s one of the few places in the west to swim in deep waters. That means you can dive further out from the beach, avoiding stepping on sea cucumber or sea urchins.
    Some large brain corals look impressive and you can easily spot shoals of fish swimming around. Not to mention, watching the sunset from there is priceless too.

    Haad Son Beach Koh Pha Ngan Secret Beach or Haad Son beach Koh Pha Ngan
  • Haad Yao

    I´m so glad we chose this place to stay and I´ll explain why. There was enough going on, places to eat & drink and yet the beach was tranquil and clean. It´s just next to Secret beach and depending on where you stay it could be less than 10 minutes’ walk. The restaurants here have a chilled vibe and there´s also a coral reef worth checking out but be aware of sea urchins.

    Also, we loved joining the party that happens every Wednesday with a DJ at Seaboard Bungalows. Rasta home is another option for watching reggae live music on Fridays and it´s only about 20 mins walk from the beach.

    Haad Yao Beach Koh Pha Ngan Haad Yao beach Koh Pha Ngan
  • Salad Beach

    Salad beach could be a good option for those looking for peace and serenity. There were very few people around when we went there and it´s generally quieter compared to others but it´s beautiful and there is also a few options of affordable restaurants and thai massage on the shoreline.

    Salad Beach Koh Pha Ngan
  • Mae Haad

    This sandy beach is different to the others mainly in two aspects; the sand here is a bit thicker and darker and it´s connected to another small island nature reserve by a narrow strip of sand.
    A local had told me that this beach was the best place for snorkelling. Although, I still prefer Secret beach for that, Mae Haad is a popular destination on the island for watching the sunset and snorkelling. Worth a visit!

    Mae Haad Beach Koh Pha Ngan Mae Haad beach Koh Pha Ngan

Where to stay

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