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Top Things to do in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is our favourite destination in China, mainly because of its vibe and natural landscapes. Known as karsts, these rock formations which were formed over millions of years are the main reason people are attracted to this area.

We stayed for 5 nights and didn´t regret it. However long you're planning to stay, this guide covers some of the main things to do.
  • DAY 1

    Explore West St. Market and its surroundings

    After arriving and soaking up the vibe of the town, visiting a local market can be a good starting point. West Street Market has countless options of snacks and places to eat, from street vendors to restaurants offering a western menu.

    Now, if you find it too touristy - like we did - and fancy somewhere a bit quieter, you can visit Lèngwá Shǎnxī Fēngwèiguǎn. This small eatery is very close to the market and serves Shanxi food. Biángbiángmiàn noodles with tomato or Ròujiāmó (flat bread with filling) with pulled pork are must-haves!
    On google it´s called Lengwa Shaanxi Flavor Restaurant.

    Lengwa Shaanxi Flavor:
    West St. Market:
    West market street Roujiamo at Lengwa Shaanxi Flavor
  • DAY 2

    Cycle to Moon Hill & take a Chinese Calligraphy Lesson

    Cycling to Moon Hill is easy, download (before arriving in China) and follow the route. The journey is about 10km from town and many get there by renting a bicycle or a motorbike. The road is flat and picturesque and there are several options to eat and drink along the way.

    Moon hill has a natural hole and you'll first have to climb about 800 steps through shaded paths with bamboo trees to reach the viewpoint. It´s definitely worth checking it out as the views from here are amazing.

    Watching the sunset and reaching the place by bicycle was the hightlight for us!

    Moon Hill:

    To finish the day, I took a Chinese Calligraphy lesson. Even if you aren´t into languages this is a nice experience to have in China. Have you ever taken a brush and tried to make a Chinese stroke? It may sound easy.

    You can have a fun experience and get a glimpse into Chinese writing. I had a class with Mr. Zeng Song at the guesthouse we were staying at and he taught me how to use the brush and the basic techniques of Chinese writing and strokes. He also offers Chinese painting lessons.

    Price: 90¥ / hour

    Chinese calligraphy lesson Chinese calligraphy lesson with the tutor
  • DAY 3

    Cycle around the River Scenic area

    Cycling in Yangshuo is a must have experience. The roads are flat and you can stop anytime you like to appreciate the views and take pictures. We did about 30km in total and the only drawback was that as the day got hotter, it got harder as the track is not shaded -at all. If you follow the whole path you will get to see some small villages, orchards and the beautiful karst landscape.

    The map below shows roughly the track we did. We initially tried to follow a route we found on a blog, but we got lost and ended up making our own.

    If you decide to have a similar experience, just make sure you don´t stray too much from the Yulong River. The path marked in blue around Yulong bridge is an alternative / shorter route and the area around Yulonghe and the east side of the river was our favourite.

    Yulong River Scenic area

    The whole experience was fun and getting to see the life of locals outside the main tourist area was interesting.

    Cycling Yangshuo Cycling Yangshuo
    Cycling Yangshuo Cycling route
    Take plenty of water as you may not find bars to buy drinks on the way. If you rent an electric scooter make sure you don´t run out of battery. We saw a few people stuck in the middle of the tracks under a scorching sun waiting to be picked up.
  • DAY 4

    Watch the sunset from Xianggong Mountain

    Also known as Xingping Scenic area, this is our favourite viewing point that we visited.

    We went on a tour offered by our guesthouse, which included pick up & drop off. The ride takes about 45 mins and the views from the top are A-mazing! I don´t think my pictures did justice to the views. You can´t miss it!
    On the way back the driver stops at another viewing point and you get to see the sunset through a scenic landscape.

    Xiaggong Hill Yangshuo viewpoint
    Xiaggong Hill Xingping views to karst mountains Xiaggong Hill Yangshuo views to karst mountains and us

    Pick up / Drop off van: 90 ¥ (includes the entrance fee)
    Entrance-fee: 60 ¥

    Xingping Scenic area:
Tip: We also went to Green Lotus peak. The access located in the town to the peak is rough and not well maintained. There isn´t a viewpoint as such and to climb up on the rock to see the views is dangerous. We didn’t think it was worthwhile, especially if you consider doing other hikes with much better views.

Where to stay

Sudder Street Guesthouse